AEG M984-230

AEG M984-230
AEG M984-230









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See: Modicon M984-230

Programmable logic controller on either the Allen Bradley DF-1 protocol or AEG-Modicon Modbus RTU Protocol are accommodated by the EPLCG, for both protocols on one EPLCG, each is accommodated by the one of the two parts. The EPLCG accomplishes data form conversions necessary to provide data to the LCN (Local Control Network) and to transfer data from the LNC to the Programmable Logic Controllers.

The Programmable control unit provides the data buffering, conversion, and sequencing necessary to provide an efficient interchange of information between the programmable controller and the Local Control Network, and to accomplish the following system level services:
- Stores user defined configuration data, including programmable controllers and data point tag data.
- Optimizes and organizes programmable controller scanning tasks on the basis ports and device addresses.
- Initiates communication over the external networks connected to the two ports to the programmable controllers, as defined by the configuration data and re-initiates communication after an interruption in communication.
- Maintains an image of programmable controllers and network status for presentation on a Universal Station's Hiway Status display.
- Maintain an image of values for all defined data points.
- Maintains port operational statistic for use by technicians, including errors and retry counts, view words, last error codes, port traffic, firmware free time counters and number of Allen Bradley reports by exception processed.

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