Allen-Bradley 5250-MLP1

Allen-Bradley 5250-MLP1
Allen-Bradley 5250-MLP1







The host processor controls master programs which monitor inputs and controlled ouput/ (I/O) I/O status and self-diagnosis reports information back to the host processor. The host processor sends commands, programmed inputs to the I/O Logic Controller Modules.

This module has a number of uses such as: Program a DF1 driver for a computer to interface to Allen-Bradley DF1 products and to proprietary networks via protocol bridges, write applications for 1784-KT, -KT2, -KTX, -KTXD, -PCMK communication interfaces using standard Rockwell Software Inc. (RSI) driver products. and troubleshooting your network.

This counter byte Counts the number of:
0, 1 Messages sent successfully.
2, 3 Messages received successfully (not counting duplicate messages).
4 Undeliverable messages (message was NAKed or retries were used up).
5 Response timeouts.
6 NAKs received.
7 Message retries as a result of CRC error, illegal length, DST not equal to this node, SRC not equal to node that message was sent to, or timeout.
8 NAKs sent due to memory available.
9 NAKs sent due to message's undefined LSAP.
10 Duplicate messages received.
11 Token pass retries.
12 Packets received that were aborted early.
13 Packets received that had a CRC error.
14 Packets received that had an illegal size (greater than 271 bytes or less than 3 bytes).
15 Duplicate tokens detected.
16 Recoveries from duplicate node condition.
17 Link dead timeouts.

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