Allen-Bradley 1201-HA2

Allen-Bradley 1201-HA2
Allen-Bradley 1201-HA2









The Allen-Bradley 1201-HA2 is a hand-held programming unit.

Used with IP 20 (NEMA 1) E-G Frame Drives & F Frame "AE" Style Enclosures

- NEMA Type 12/UL Type 4X (Indoor) construction: Available in both NEMA Type 1 (IP 30) and NEMA Type 12/UL Type 4X (Indoor) (IP 66) designs
- Upload/download capability: Resident memory allows for storage of up to two complete parameter profiles, saving time programming multiple drives
- Search: Allows user to search a parameter profile to determine which features are no longer at factory default values
- Immediate fault display: If a fault occurs, fault message appears regardless of what mode is in use
- Bit ENUM's: User can scroll through and view a test description of each bit in a binary parameter, without using a look-up table for identification
- Changing digits of parameters and password: Increment or decrement individual parameter digits to save programming time Fault queue: View the last four faults in the Control Status mode without going into the Program or Display mode
- Saving menus for power-up: Can be programmed to power up to a variety of process displays (i.e. RPM, Feet-per-minute, etc.)

Buy Part# MSRP Price QOH Condition Description
1201-HA2 $925.00(est) $145.00 19 Used Type 1 Enclosure
1201-HA2MX3 $925.00(est) $145.00 3 Used Type 1 Enclosure
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