Andover Controls UI-8

Andover Controls UI-8
Andover Controls UI-8


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Andover Controls in now Schneider Electric. The UI-8, Continuum's universal input module, provides 8 universal inputs, software configurable as voltage, thermistor, digital, or counter point types. Each point can also be configured as a supervised input for security monitoring, providing separate indication of alarm and trouble conditions.

This module is a perfect choice for any mix of temperature, pressure, flow, status points, and similar inputs in a control system, with a 0-5 volt input range and 10-bit A/D conversion.

See also: Schneider UI-8

Buy Part# MSRP Price QOH Condition Description
UI-8-10 $700.00(est) $275.00 7 Used 0-5 V Range, RS485
UI-8-10-10V $798.00(est) $275.00 10 Used 0-10V range, RS485

UI-8-10 $700.00(est) $395.00 New (Old Stock) 0-5 V Range, RS485

Andover Controls is now Scneider Electric. Units are interchangeable.