B & R Automation CP474

B & R Automation CP474
B & R Automation CP474







The B & R Automation CP474 CPU has four local slots integrated. Analog or digital screw-in modules for I/O signals can be operated on these slots. The CP474 is equipped with a time processor unit (TPU) for carrying out high-speed signal processing in the microsecond range. Digital screw-in modules with TPU functions are available for carrying this out.

The CPU is equipped with an RS232 and a CAN interface. Up to four screw-in modules can be used on the local slots of the CPU.

The RS232 interface is primarily intended for programming the CPU. It can also be used as a general interface for connecting visualization units, printers, or barcode readers.

The CAN field bus interface is used for communicating with other control systems and for remote expansion of inputs and outputs with System 2003 components and a CAN bus controller, e.g. EX470.

Data buffering and non volatile operation of the realtime clock are guaranteed by the lithium battery.

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