GE Fanuc IC610CPU105A

GE Fanuc IC610CPU105A
GE Fanuc IC610CPU105A Series One











Series One Programmable Controllers
A complete Series One contained in one S-slot rack can have over 1700 words of user logic, up to 64 timer/counters, and up to 64 I/O points in a panel surface area of only 54 square inches. That is less space than four 4 pole relays might occupy. An available lo-slot rack can contain up to 120 I/O points. By adding additional racks (up to a total of three), the I/O can be expanded up to a total of 112 I/O points in a Series One PC or 168 points in a Series One Plus PC. Modules can be replaced individually without disturbing adjacent modules or their field wiring. The VO can be intermixed in many configurations, limited only by the module types available.

Users need only purchase those modules required for their application; there is no fixed mix such as 12 in/8 out or 20 in/l2 out, The hand-held programmer can be fixed onto the CPU for quick reference, removed and carried in a pocket for future use, connected to the CPU via a 5 foot (1.5m) cable for flexible temporary use or mounted on the outside of a panel or console. It is a simple pushbutton and display unit designed for easy transportation and rugged use. Programamming can also be done with the Portable Programmer or with a Workmaster Industrial computer using Logicmaster 1 application software for Series One or Logicmaster 1F application software for Series One Model E, Series One Plus and Series One Plus 3.7K.

The Series One and Series One Plus PCs are designed to be very cost effective relay or other sequential control replacements. Despite the low cost, there is a lot of capability within the Series One and Series One Plus PCs.

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IC610CPU105A $679.00 $359.00 3 Used CPU
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Interface GE Fanuc IC610PER151
w/ Power Supply Racks/Chassis GE Fanuc IC610CHS110A