Gould B351

Gould B351
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The Gould B351 Input Module consists of eight independent and isolated VAC input circuits, Circuit isolation of 1500 VAC, field side status indicators, transient protection, surge withstand capability in compliance with IEEE 472-1974 and ANSI C37.90A, UL listed and CSA certified and designed for harsh plant floor environments.

The B351 Input Module is housed in a light weight, durable LEXAN case. A structural "chimney" within the module provides flow through convection cooling and protection from moisture build-up. Self-contained mounting brackets eliminate the need for special I/O housings. A termination connector shipped with the Micro 84 mainframe is required when using the module at the extreme right bus location.

Each input is electrically isolated by an optical coupler. A neon lamp connected to the circuit's field side displays the ON/OFF status of the input. The lamp indicates the input's true state. Both IEEE and ANSI standards for surge withstand capability (SWC) tests are fully satisfied. The module is designed to withstand the severe voltage transients prevalent in industrial environments.

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