Gould Micro 84 Controller

Gould Micro 84 Controller
Gould Micro 84 Controller







The MICRO 84 is a microprocessor-based programmable controller designed to replace relay control systems that require 6 to 60 relays. In addition, the MICRO 84 provides the following benefits: Less expensive than an equivalent relay network, Easily programmed using simple relay ladder diagrams, Small-fits in an 8" deep NEMA 12 enclosure, Simple to install, Easy to use and maintain, Designed for use in an industrial environment, User program remains intact even if power fails, and Non-volatile memory (no battery required).

A programmable controller (PC) is a solid-state device that directly replaces the relays and "hardwired" electronic circuitry. A programmable controller can be quickly modified to adapt to a new or changed application. Gould introduced programmable controllers in the late 1960's. The first user was the automobile industry. Programmable controllers allowed them to avoid the time and expense of rewiring relay control systems at model changeover. Since then, the use of programmable controllers has expanded to cover a wide variety of industrial control system applications. Typical control system applications include machines used in cutting, grinding, and welding metals; equipment for assembling, packaging, and testing components and finished products; machinery for weighing, transferring, and otherwise handling materials; and systems for processing chemicals and foods.

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