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The Gould B357-001, 24 VDC Input Module senses and converts 24 VDC switched input signals into logic voltage levels used by the Micro 84'" Controller. The logic format for the module is "true high". Inputs can be received from push buttons, limit and proximity switches, termperature and pressure switches, as well as other 24 VDC sources. Eight independent threshold switches sense inputs from an external power source.

Each input is electrically isolated by an optical coupler. An LED indicator connected to the circuit's field side displays the true ON/OFF state of the input. Both the IEEE and ANSI standards for surge withstand capability (SWC) tests are fully satisfied. This enables the module and controller to withstand severe voltage transients prevalent in industrial environments.

User connections are made to a standard screw terminal strip. This strip is compatible with an optional Fanning Strip (P/N 0212-012) which allows quick module replacement without disturbing field wiring. Data bus connections are made with standard interface connectors. These connectors allow the B357 Input Module to be placed in any location in the I/O structure without interfering with other module operation.

Other features:

- Eight independent 24 VDC inputs
- Circuit isolation of 1500 VAC
- Field side status indicators
- Transient protection
- Surge withstand capability in compliance with IEEE 472-1974 and ANSI C37.90A
- Optional Fanning Strip permits module removal without disturbing field wiring
- UL listed
- Designed for harsh plant floor environments

See also: Schneider B357, Gould B357, AEG B357

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