Optimation OL4058

Optimation OL4058
Optimation OL4058 OptiLogic









OptiLogic Remote Terminal Unit, 8-SLOT 8-30VDC

Optimizations OptiLogic™ Remote Terminal Unit provides point of use I/O and operator panel capabilities with a high speed link to a PC. OptiLogic™ delivers the highest levels of flexibility, ease of use and performance at the lowest cost of any PC-based distributed I/O subsystem on the market.

The OptiLogic™ Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) is modular in design. It allows you to plug together any combination of analog and digital inputs and outputs that will fit in the available slots. The card cage base snaps onto a standard DIN rail for back panel mounting. If an operator panel is required, the base snaps onto any variety of available OptiLogic™ operator panels, which can in turn be panel mounted. The Ethernet connection provides a 10BaseT connection to the network.

A System built with OptiLogic™ RTUs allows you to monitor and control equipment and systems spread throughout a building. A PC with a standard Ethernet connection can serve as the central controller. Input data, output control and operator panel operation are only a millisecond response away.

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