Schneider TSX172-3444

Schneider TSX172-3444
Schneider TSX172-3444









See: Telemecanique TSX172-3444

Description: Discrete I/O, 110VAC inputs, relay outputs.

The system comprises:
· a 110/240VAC power supply that provides a 324VDC, 250MA supply output for sensors connected to the TSX 17.
· a processor unit with programming port and status display.
· an internal 24K byte RAM program memory (and 2K bytes of data in PL&-2 language), that can be battery backed-up and has one year service life.
· a location for plug-in EEPROM or EPROM memory cartridge for saving using programs.
· a location for PL7-2 software cartridge. This optional cartridge is required if the user wishes to program PL7-2 language. To connect the TSX T407 terminal to the TSX 17 programming port a TSX 17 ACC7 like adapter unit is also required.
· 20 or 24 discrete I/0 with front panel status display.
· 22 110VAC isolated inputs and 12 Relay outputs
· a 9-pin I/O bus extension connector.
· 2 removable terminal blocks with captive screw-terminal.
· a ground connector.
· a common 110VAC input supply terminal.
· 2 event-triggered fast inputs (24VDC inputs).
· a 2KHz fast counter/timer with counter and resent inputs (5/24VDC inputs).