Texas Instruments 500-5008

Texas Instruments 500-5008
Texas Instruments 500-5008









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This Texas Instruments Input module handles the 500 Series Input Signals. Its range goes at 24 VDC to RANGE 9-30ADC, 9-30 VDC. It also allowsfor 15 MA MAX/PT. The input module is for use with Series 505E family of programmable logic controllers.

The I/O update time can be decreased by the addition of RCC cards or by arranging the analog to discrete I/O mix to reflect a minimum amount of analog I/O per channel of each RCC. Since all the RCCs are updated in parallel, the I/O update time is most dependent on the RCC channel with the largest number of bases or the heaviest percentage of analog I/O per channel.

See also: Siemens 500-5008

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