Texas Instruments 6MT50-1

Texas Instruments 6MT50-1
Texas Instruments 6MT50-1









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Rack / chassis. Make: Texas Instruments (TI) Series: 6-MT (6MT) Model / Part #: 6MT50-x

Your user-supplied power can come from one of two sources:
· Standard, Class 2 supply, +9.5 VDC ±5%, 4 A minimum
· 5TI not used for control purposes

The number of I/O points available with the 6MTCC installed in a distributed base is 448 (208 inputs and 240 outputs). The number of I/O points available in a remote/local base is 512 (256 inputs and 256 outputs).

The points associated with the 6MT I/O system are consecutive starting at the number represented by the value in word WY5. You must determine the following information:
· How to use the 6MT I/O points in the ladder logic program
· How to manually configure the I/O table. (See the appropriate Series 505 PLC manual)

Other points to follow:
· That 6MT inputs and outputs are consecutive points in the discrete image register
· That the first X point is always Xp, where p is the value of word 5
· That the first Y point immediately follows the X inputs-number this output with the first number after the inputs (multiple of 8 + 1)
· That all 6MT I/O points previously used in 5TI ladder logic programs, must be renumbered
· That two points cannot have the same number: e.g., you cannot have X1 and Y1

5TIE Manual and 6MT Data Sheets
· SIMATIC TI505 Hardware and Installation Manual (PPX:505-8103-3)
· SIMATIC TI505 Programming Reference Manual (PPX:505-8104-4)
· The User Manuals for your release of TISOFTE

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