Allen-Bradley 1745-E105

Allen-Bradley 1745-E105
Allen-Bradley 1745-E105 SLC 100











SLC 100 expansion units have the same constructions the SLC 100 processor unit. Expansion units are available in I/O configurations. The basic unit has 10 input circuits output circuits. The relay output unit has no input circuits and 12 output circuits. The analog input unit has 4 analog input circuits (2 set points per input) output circuits.

SLC 100 expansion units can be used with either the SLC 100 processor unit or SLC 150 processor unit to expand the number of I/ O circuits to a maximum of 112.

The relay output expansion unit has the same construction features and dimensions as the basic expansion unit except that the 10 input circuits are replaced by 6 additional relay (hard contact) output circuits. Relay output expansion units have wiring terminals for 6 output circuits on the upper edge of the unit and wiring terminals for 6 more output circuits on the lower edge of the unit. Write-on areas provided for you to identify the first digit of the upper and lower addresses.

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1745-E105 B $2,300.00 $435.00 8 Used
1745-E105 C $2,300.00 $435.00 10 Used

1745-E105 $2,300.00 $435.00 Used
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