Allen-Bradley 1745-E103

Allen-Bradley 1745-E103
Allen-Bradley 1745-E103 SLC 100











SLC 100 expansion units can be used with either the SLC 100 processor unit or SLC150 processor unit to expand the number of I/O circuits to a maximum of 112. SLC 100 expansion units have the same construction as the SLC100 processor unit . Expansion units are available in 3 I/O configurations. The basic unit has 10 input circuits and 6 output circuits. The relay output unit has no input circuits and 12 output circuits. The analog input unit has 4 analog input circuits (2 set points per input) and no output circuits.

Wiring terminals for 10 inputs. Same construction as line terminals. The hinged cover has write-on areas for identification of external circuits. Cover icso lor-coded to identify the circuit voltage level. The cover need not be removed to gain access to the terminals. Wiring terminals for 6 outputs. Same construction as line terminals.

Hinged cover has write-on areas to identify external circuits. The cover need not be removed to gain access to the terminals.

To obtain the I/O combination best suited to your application you can use various combinations of SLC 100 expansion units and SL1C50 expansion units. Assigning addresses is simple, once you understand how processor "address blocks" are allocated.

Follow the recommended minimum spacing to allow for convection cooling within the enclosure. Cooling air in the enclosure must be kept within a range of 0" to 60°C.Note that SLC 100 and SLC 150 expansion units can be interconnected with either an SLC 100 or an SLC 150 processor unit. High speed input modules can be used with the SL1C50 processor unit only.

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