Fanuc IC610MDL101A

Fanuc IC610MDL101A
Fanuc IC610MDL101A Series One









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See: GE IC610MDL101A

24 VDC Input Module 8 circuits
This module provides 8 circuits each designed to receive a single discrete (ON/OFF) signal from user supplied devices. Typical input devices include limit switches, pushbuttons, selector switches, and relay contacts. Power (24 V dc) to sense the state of these inputs is provided by the rack power supply. No external power source is required with this module. All 8 circuits are powered from this one source.

Input Points: 8
Maximum Voltage: 36 V dc
Input Current: 18 mA
Input Impedance: 1.8 K ohms

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w/ Power Supply Racks/Chassis GE Fanuc IC610CHS110A