Modicon B804

Modicon B804
Modicon B804







The B804-115 Vac (16 point) Output Module converts logic signals used in the PLC into 16 independent 115 Vac outputs. Each output is capable of driving a relay, pilot lamp, motor starter, solenoid, or any other load up to 2.0 A.

The B804 is capable of handling a total continuous current of 6 A/group of eight points and 12 A/module. The module uses triac switches to control loads connected to an external power source. These switches are designed to withstand the high surge currents typical of industrial loads.

See also: Schneider B804, Gould B804, AEG B804

Buy Part# Revision MSRP Price QOH Condition Alt Part#
B804 $295.00 3 Used
B804-016 $890.00(est) $295.00 4 Used
B804-016 M $890.00(est) $295.00 2 Used
B804-016 S $890.00(est) $295.00 1 Used
B804-116 $890.00(est) $295.00 11 Used

B804 T $890.00(est) $295.00 Used AS-B804-016
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