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The B828-016 5 V TTL Output Module converts logic signals used within the controller into sixteen independent 5 V TTL outputs. These outputs are compatible with TTL and DTL logic as well as other loads such as LED displays. The module uses sixteen transistor switches which are capable of sinking load currents up to 75 mA supplied from and external 5 Vdc power source.

User connections are made to a standard screw terminal strip and the rigid wiring system permits module insertion or removal without disturbing the wiring.

The module has 16 neon status indicators that show the state of each output. These indicators light when their corresponding outputs are energized. The module also has an indicator that displays a blown-fuse condition at the respective output regardless of the state of the output. This indicator is driven by your field device power supply.

All TTL (Transistor-Transistor Logic) signals must meet an output voltage and current specification, an input voltage and current specification, and a rise/fall time specification. For any given hardware, the signal must also have a minimum pulse width.

This unit has a plastic open-able handle for easier installation and de-installation.
Number of Points: 16
Operating Voltage: 5 V TTL
Number of Groups: 1
Outputs / Group: 16
ON Level 4.0 Vdc min @ 1mA source, 5 Vdc supply @ 4.75 Vdc
OFF Level 0.4 Vdc max @ 75 mA rated current: sinking 75 mA max., continuous, 100 mA peak (10 ms, 20% duty cycle)

See also: Schneider B828, Gould B828, AEG B828

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