PLC Direct D4-16ND2F

PLC Direct D4-16ND2F
PLC Direct D4-16ND2F







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See: Koyo D4-16ND2F

D4-16ND2F DC Input
Inputs per Module 16 (current sourcing)
Commons per Module 2 (isolated)
Input Voltage Range 10.2- 26.4VDC
Peak Voltage 26.4VDC
ON Voltage Level >9.5V
OFF Voltage Level Input Impedance: 3.2K@ 12VDC; 2.9K@ 24VDC
Input Current: 3.8mA @ 12VDC; 8.3mA @ 24VDC
Minimum ON Current 3.5mA
Maximum OFF Current 1.5mA
Base Power Required 5V 150mA max
OFF to ON Response 1ms
ON to OFF Response 1ms
Terminal Type (included) Removable D4-16ICON