Square D 8030-RIM-126

Square D 8030-RIM-126
Square D 8030-RIM-126 SY/MAX











The RIM126 is a 8 Channel Isolated Analog Input Module that supports high level analog and low level thermocouple signals.

The RIM-126 can be inserted into any slot of a register rack (except slot 1) or a register slot on a digital rack.

Each RIM-126 module utilize 12 registers in the programmable controller system: The first 8 registers correspond to the analog input data for input channels 1-8, 1 register per input channel.

The RIM-126 module performs its tasks utilizing several subsystems. Channel-toChannel isolation is accomplished through the use of isolation amplifiers. An analog-to-digital (ADC) performs the actual conversion of the selected input channel, while the multiplexer (MUX), performs the channel selection.

1 Analog Input #1: input
2 Analog Input #2: input
3 Analog Input #3: input
4 Analog Input #4: input
5 Analog Input #5: input
6 Analog Input #6: input
7 Analog Input #7: input
8 Analog Input #8: input
9 Bits 18 indicate Open Input Detections

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8030-RIM-126 B1 2.02 $16,727.00(est) $995.00 3 Used Analog Input Module Isolated TC 8 point 30608-572-50
North American Operating Division
Palatine, IL