Telemecanique TSX07201028

Telemecanique TSX07201028
Telemecanique TSX07201028







The TSX Nano can meet the increasing requirements for distributed control system structures. Four TSX Nanos can be connected together over a distance of up to 600 feet, and their programs can exchange data (4 words per PLC) automatically. This means that PLCs can be installed close to the sensors and actuators, enabling simple management of machine options and low wiring costs.

The Modicon TSX Nano PLC can be used as a distributed I/O block for the larger Modicon TSX Micro without special programming. To keep installation wiring costs to a minimum, up to 4 TSX Nano PLCs(that is 96 additional I/O) can be connected in remote I/O configuration at a maximum distance of 200 meters.

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