Allen-Bradley 1772-LV

Allen-Bradley 1772-LV
Allen-Bradley 1772-LV PLC-2











The 1772 Mini-PLC-2/15 Programmable Controller is a digital, electronic, solid state industrial programmable controller capable of monitoring and controlling up to 128 I/O devices. The Controller has a Processor, a power supply and a number of user-selected I/O Modules chosen for the number and type of I/O devices in the user's application. By selecting the appropriate modules, the user can assemble a complete programmable controller system to meet the application requirements.

The Processor and the selected I/O Modules are housed in a single I/O Chassis, which can be mounted inside an enclosure with a working depth of 8 inches.

The Controller continuously monitors the status of devices connected as inputs. Based on input device status and the User Program, the Controller controls the devices connected as outputs. These input and output devices may be of different types with various voltage and current ranges. They may include:

1. limit, float, selector, and pressure switches
2. pushbutton switches
3. thumbwheel switches
4. alarms, indicators, and annunciator panels
5. solenoids
6. motors and motor starters
7. transducers
8. various solid state devices, including TTL and Analog instrumentation

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