Allen-Bradley 1772-LP3

Allen-Bradley 1772-LP3
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The 1772-LP3 processor has a read/write CMOS memory that stores user program instructions, numeric values and I/O device status. The user program is a set of instructions in a particular order that describes the operations to be performed and the operating conditions. It is entered into memory, rung by rung, in a ladder diagram and functional block display format from the keyboard of a 1770-T3 or 1784-T50 terminal. The ladder diagram symbols closely resemble the relay symbols used in hardwired relay control systems. The functional block displays are an easy method of programming and monitoring advanced instructions.

THe 1772-LP3 establishes system configurations for the following: scanners, interface modules, input modules, output modules and power supplies. Programs can be establish which consist of the following: timers, counters, extended arithmetic functions, relay-type functions and data transfer. With a user-written program and appropriate I/O modules, the PLC-2/30 programmable controller can be used to control many types of industrial applications such as: Process control, Material handling, Palletized, Measurement and gauging and Pollution control and monitoring.

The PLC-2/30 processor's functions include:
- Relay-type functions (Examine On, Examine Off, Output Energize, Output Latch, Output Unlatch and Branching)
-Complete forced I/O
-Data transfer
-Data comparison
-Three-digit, four-function arithmetic (+, -, , :-) :-:-
-Timing functions: On-Delay and Off-Delay, Retentive and Nonretentive with time bases of 1.0, 0.1 and 0.01 seconds (timing range 0.02 to 999 seconds).
-Bidirectional counting (up or down) with a range of 0 to 999 counts.
-Self-monitoring/diagnostic capabilities
-Expandable data table
-Memory capacity of 16,256 words
-896 I/O device capacity is available in local or remote configurations.
-896 inputs and 896 outputs when used with specific configurations.

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1772-LP3 $10,540.00 $995.00 4 Used 16K RAM - 2 x 1772-MS8 (8192 Word RAM) modules.
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