Allen-Bradley 1771-IA

Allen-Bradley 1771-IA
Allen-Bradley 1771-IA









Interfaces your ON/OFF devices to AllenBradley programmable controllers within the 1771 Universal I/O structure. Allen-Bradley digital ac I/O modules interface to ON/OFF devices such as limit switches, pushbuttons, motor starters, pilot lights, and annunciators.

These modules are compatible with all current Allen-Bradley programmable controllers. This saves on spare parts, system engineering, inventory, and training costs. Supports high power operations. The ac solid-state family of digital I/O modules meets requirements for applications from 10-276V ac. These modules exhibit long life (20 million to over 100 million operations).

Provides system protection and troubleshooting aids. The ac I/O modules include electrical-optical isolation and filter circuits. To help you troubleshoot your system, module indicators are provided to show input or output status.

1771 digital ac input modules convert ac signals from user devices to the appropriate logic level for use within the processor. Typical input devices include: · proximity switches
· limit switches
· selector switches
· float switches
· pushbutton switches

When the input module detects a fault, it's input-image bits are put into the state indicated by the jumper position.

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