Allen-Bradley 1771-IXE

Allen-Bradley 1771-IXE
Allen-Bradley 1771-IXE









Allen-Bradley 1771-IXE PLC-5 Thermocouple/Millivolt Input Module, is an intelligent block transfer module that interfaces analog input signals with any Allen–Bradley programmable controllers that have block transfer capability. Block transfer programming moves input data words from the module’s memory to a designated area in the processor data table in a single scan. It also moves configuration words from the processor data table to module memory.

The input module is a single slot module which does not require an external power supply. After scanning the analog inputs, the input data is converted to a specified data type in a digital format to be transferred to the processor’s data table on request. The block transfer mode is disabled until this input scan is complete. Consequently, the minimum interval between block transfer reads is the same as the total input update time for each analog input module.

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