Allen-Bradley 1771-ON

Allen-Bradley 1771-ON
Allen-Bradley 1771-ON









This module receives its power through the 1771 I/O chassis backplane from the chassis power supply. The module requires 700mA from the output of this supply. Add this to the requirements of all other modules in the I/O chassis to prevent overloading the chassis backplane and/or backplane power supply.

Connections to the output module are made to the field wiring arm (cat. no. 1771-WH) shipped with the module. An optional fused wiring arm is available (cat. no. 1771-WHF) which provides individual fusing for each circuit. Attach the wiring arm to the pivot bar on the bottom of the I/O chassis. The wiring arm pivots upward and connects with the module so you can install or remove the module without disconnecting the wires.

You can use an AC (24V) Output Module (cat. no. 1771-OND) to directly drive terminals on an AC (24V) Input Module (cat. no. 1771-IND) (Figure 3). You can also use a 1771-OND Output module to drive an AC (24V) Input Module (cat. no. 1771-IN) but you must connect a 250 ohm, 5W resistor between the output terminal and L2 (common)

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