Allen-Bradley 1771-P4S

Allen-Bradley 1771-P4S
Allen-Bradley 1771-P4S









Successful installation of your power supply will include the following tasks: set the jumpers place the power supply in a chassis, connect a paralleling cable (if using a second supply) and connect input power. Each power supply module has two jumpers located at the back edge of the module near the gold-plated edge connectors. The jumper selection provides the proper voltage regulation for the different power supply configurations. The power supply can be configured to support local or remote sensing by setting the jumpers.

You can use two power supplies in the same I/O chassis to produce more power by connecting them with a Power-Supply Paralleling Cable (1771-CT). This connection is for communication between the two supplies. If one supply has to shut down, it tells the second to turn off its indicator. Although the adapter or in-chassis processor will be disabled, the second supply will continue trying to operate until its DC output limits are exceeded. Because the adapter or in-chassis processor is disabled, paralleling two supplies does not provide redundancy.

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Communication Module Modules Allen-Bradley 1771-DA, Allen-Bradley 1771-DB, Allen-Bradley 1771-KA, Allen-Bradley 1771-KE
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Modules Allen-Bradley 1771-ID, Allen-Bradley 1771-IDC
Power Supply Modules Allen-Bradley 1771-P4
Resolver Modules Allen-Bradley 1771-HRA
Teach Pendant Interface Allen-Bradley 1771-HD
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