Allen-Bradley 1771-IN

Allen-Bradley 1771-IN
Allen-Bradley 1771-IN









This module contains filtering to limit the effects of voltage transients caused by contact bounce and/or radiated electrical noise. The delay due to filtering is nominally 18ms (+10ms) for turning ac inputs on or off. This module is designed to operate with ac proximity switches and other input devices with an off-state leakage current less than 2.8mA peak.

The module receives its power through the 1771 I/O chassis backplane from the chassis power supply. The module requires 80mA from the output of this supply .Add this current to the requirements of all other modules in the I/O chassis to prevent overloading the chassis backplane and/or backplane power supply.

Make wiring connections to the module through the 10 terminal field wiring arm (cat. no. 1771-WA). The arm pivots on the I/O chassis to connect with terminals on the front of the module and acts as a terminal strip. The wiring arm allows the module to be removed from the chassis without disconnecting the wiring.

Number of Inputs: 8
Module Location: 1771-I/O Chassis, 1 slot
Nominal Input Voltage: 24V ac @ 47-63Hz
Nominal Input Current: 7mA @ 12V ac, 18mA @ 24V ac, 22mA @ 28V ac
Onstate Voltage Range: 12V ac to 28V ac
Maximum Offstate Voltage: 10.5V ac peak
Maximum Offstate Current: 2.8mA ac peak
Input Signal Delay: 1 18ms (+10ms), on or off for ac
Isolation Voltage: Tested at 1500V dc for 60s between user and system
No isolation between individual channels
Backplane Current: 80mA @ 5V dc
Power Dissipation: 5.4W maximum, 0.4W minimum

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