Allen-Bradley 1771-PA

Allen-Bradley 1771-PA
Allen-Bradley 1771-PA









This equipment is supplied as "open type" equipment. It must be mounted within an enclosure that is suitably designed for those specific environmental conditions that will be present, and appropriately designed to prevent personal injury resulting from accessibility to parts. The interior of the enclosure must be accessible only by the use of a tool. Subsequent sections of this publication may contain additional information regarding specific enclosure type ratings that are required to comply with certain product safety certifications.

When used in a Class I Division 2 hazardous location, this equipment must be mounted in a suitable enclosure with a proper wiring method that complies with governing electrical codes.

This equipment is sensitive to electrostatic discharge, which can cause internal damage and affect normal operation. Follow these guidelines when you handle this equipment: · Touch a grounded object to discharge potential static. · Wear an approved grounding wrist strap. · Do not touch connectors or pins on component boards. ; Do not touch circuit components inside the equipment. · If available, use a static-safe workstation. When not in use, keep modules in appropriate static-safe packaging.

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Cable Allen-Bradley 1771-CP1
Communication Module Modules Allen-Bradley 1771-DA, Allen-Bradley 1771-DB, Allen-Bradley 1771-KA, Allen-Bradley 1771-KE
CPU Modules Allen-Bradley 1771-KA2
Encoder Allen-Bradley 1771-HTE
I/O Modules Allen-Bradley 1771-A1B, Allen-Bradley 1771-A2B, Allen-Bradley 1771-A4B, Allen-Bradley 1771-AL, Allen-Bradley 1771-ALX, Allen-Bradley 1771-ASB, Allen-Bradley 1771-ASC, Allen-Bradley 1771-IA, Allen-Bradley 1771-IAD, Allen-Bradley 1771-IB, Allen-Bradley 1771-IBD, Allen-Bradley 1771-IBN, Allen-Bradley 1771-ID16-A, Allen-Bradley 1771-IE, Allen-Bradley 1771-IG, Allen-Bradley 1771-IGC, Allen-Bradley 1771-IK, Allen-Bradley 1771-IN, Allen-Bradley 1771-IQ, Allen-Bradley 1771-IT, Allen-Bradley 1771-IV, Allen-Bradley 1771-IVN, Allen-Bradley 1771-IXC, Allen-Bradley 1771-IXE, Allen-Bradley 1771-OA, Allen-Bradley 1771-OAB, Allen-Bradley 1771-OAD, Allen-Bradley 1771-OB, Allen-Bradley 1771-OBD, Allen-Bradley 1771-OBN, Allen-Bradley 1771-OD, Allen-Bradley 1771-OD16, Allen-Bradley 1771-OD16/B, Allen-Bradley 1771-ODC, Allen-Bradley 1771-OFC, Allen-Bradley 1771-OFE1, Allen-Bradley 1771-OG, Allen-Bradley 1771-OGC, Allen-Bradley 1771-OGD, Allen-Bradley 1771-ON, Allen-Bradley 1771-OND, Allen-Bradley 1771-OQ16, Allen-Bradley 1771-OW, Allen-Bradley 1771-OZ, Allen-Bradley 1771-OZL, Allen-Bradley 1771-SDN, Allen-Bradley 1771-SIM, Allen-Bradley 1771-SN, Allen-Bradley 1771-WA, Allen-Bradley 1771-WB, Allen-Bradley 1771-WD
Modules Allen-Bradley 1771-ID, Allen-Bradley 1771-IDC
Power Supply Modules Allen-Bradley 1771-P4
Resolver Modules Allen-Bradley 1771-HRA
Teach Pendant Interface Allen-Bradley 1771-HD
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